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Ipod Nano/Itunes New Computer Deauthorize In 1 Click

ipod nano /itunes new computer Question 

Hey all- First time poster, so bear with me.
Looking for the answer to this-
Family has ipods… ipod touch ipod shuffle and ipod nano 3rd gen all share an acct & manage tunes manually… Have changed the acct email since originally signing on, etc.
Now it seems on one laptop I need to authorize the computer to play that song & my original email pops up. I try every password I ever used on itunes but no good. Then, I learn the- “can authorize only 5 computers rule.” We had gotten rid of 2 of them several years ago & there are 3 now on the acct. So my midwestern math skills tell me that is 5.

Everyone can seem to plug in & drag tunes to their ipod & it plays them… it’s just that one pc won’t play a tune/video & the other will. I get it that if it was purchased on that pc, it will play.

I understand the authorize 5 computer rule now & I can’t do anything about the 2 old computers. Do I have to deauthorize one of the remaining 3?

That question- and.. I myself just got a new laptop. I don’t want to continue the family plan I’m on with it (& can’t if it’s #6) & created a new itunes acct w/ a new gmail acct, etc. Brand new-
Can I transfer everything on my ipod (collected from the aforementioned computers)to this new laptop itunes acct library? Or will it just load it but not allow me to play it on the computer…
I also intend on getting a new apple ipod itouch to replace my classic. How confusing is THAT gonna get?



you can completely deauthorized all the computers with 1 click

launch iTunes, click iTunes Store, and then click your iTunes user name in the top-right corner of the store window.

Once you login, you should see a page with all of your account information on it.

In the middle of the page, you should see how many computers are currrently authorized.

When you reach your 5-computer limit, a new button will appear here called “Deauthorize All.”

When you click this button, and confirm, your computer limit will start over at zero.
Then you’ll have to reauthorize all the computers your family uses itunes by the normal way of authorizing the computers in itunes.

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